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My name is Shelsey (shell-sea) a barber who cruises around in a 69’ VW bug gratefully on her way to meet your expectations! I’ve been working with a male-only clientele for over 5 years honing and sharpening (pun intended) my skills over time.


I want to welcome you into the man cave suite I call my workspace with a little something for every guy out there! Specializing in men’s haircutting and shaving my desire is to deliver detailed and consistent work time after time. It all starts with a thorough consultation, followed by a meticulously efficient cutting process paired with a few jokes and barbershop banter. Then to top it off, a lather neck shave and shoulder massage resulting in what I think you’ll find a valuable and intentional service. 

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 I want you to enter my barbershop with confidence that I can help provide whatever look you’re going for.


From razor fades to fuller cuts, I’m your gal and I’ve got you covered. Desire some man-pampering? How about a shampoo with scalp massage after or before your cut? Or a hot towel and lather straight razor shave. Maybe a beard trim?  I want to provide you with timeless traditional services with my own unique and modern touch. But, no there won’t be any dentistry or bloodletting in my suite, not that kind of traditional!


All jokes aside, I want you to go on with your day feeling both refreshed and handsome! Let me know what it is you’re needing! Looking forward to meeting you!

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