The service is great every time

I have been a patron of the salon for almost 3 years now. My hairdresser is Jennifer Marchus. The service is great every time. The products, especially the hair colors, are high end. The quality of the cut, color and highlight, etc. is always good and very consistent. I have coarse wavy hair and it is more than 70% silver. But, I AM NOT READY to be silver or look like an “old lady”. Jennifer worked with my color until she found just the right mix to give me a shiny dark brown and instead of trying to highlight it she uses red in the mix to give me some definition. It looks great. In addition, my hair isn’t easy to cut. Again, she worked with me and my hair until we hit on a style and cutting technique that ensures my hair lays well and is easy to style.

The only two complaints I have, and neither is significant…
1. The temperature in the salon is on the cool side. I have to wear a sweater even in the summer or I freeze.
2. Jennifer only works part time so you have to make your appointments ahead of time and you often don’t have a lot of flexibility in the time. That said, they always remind you of appointments and are very gracious should you have to change an appointment or are running a few minutes late!

I haven’t felt the need to go looking fr a different or better salon. The experience is consistent, of quality, and it’s true….you can tell your hairdresser anything! What trade secrets are used to make you beautiful are secrets that stay in the salon!

PS- They will also let you order products and if you try a product that simply doesn’t work they will let you bring it back.

debra fox